About our Program

The Taos County Crime Stoppers board is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. Our program offers anonymous methods for the public to report information regarding unsolved crimes and fugitives.  It is the public, police and private sector working together for a safer Taos County.


Structure and Funding of Crime Stoppers

Taos County Crime Stoppers (TCCS) is organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (charity). A community board of directors provides oversight as to the financial and promotional activities of the program.  TCCS is funded by private donations. NO TAX DOLLARS are involved. The reward money paid out by the program is from the tax deductible donations provided by concerned citizens and businesses.

TCCS board of directors meets on a monthly basis to evaluate arrests and to decide on the size of rewards to be paid, up to $1,000. Rewards are then distributed in a private manner to anonymous tipsters. Many callers choose not to collect their reward.

Law Enforcement Coordinator

Det. Barry Holfelder

Taos Police Department

Board of Directors

Derek Davis      Chair
Greg Medina      Vice Chair
Laura McElroy      Secretary
Clarence Cordova      Treasurer
Dennis Manzanares      Exec Board Member (at Large)
Robert Feeler      Board Member
Jerry Laughlin      Board Member
Tony Meyers      Board Member
Robin Reese      Board Member
Lewis Rosenthal      Board Member

Do Crime Stoppers Programs Work?

Since the start of Crime Stoppers, many calls have been received resulting in thousands of arrests and recovery of substantial amounts of property. Calls have included information about murder, robbery, rape, assaults, drug and firearm offenses.

The success of a Crime Stoppers program cannot be judged only by statistics. Other benefits include....

  • A greater awareness in the community that there is a crime problem.
  • A willingness by the community to fight back against crime if it is given the opportunity and motivation.
  • Improved relationships between police, media, and the community.
Crime Stoppers is definitely here to stay. It has been accepted by police and courts as a valid investigative tool. The public, through its overwhelming response, has accepted it as a safe and anonymous way to provide information.